Caring for your Mushrooms

Many people ask me how they are best to store their mushrooms.

To prolong the freshness of your mushrooms, I would suggest storing them in a paper bag. This allows the bag to absorb any excess moisture and stop them from going mouldy.

Be sure not to store your mushrooms in places that are too moist. This includes the vegetable drawer in the fridge, as this will lead to the mushrooms spoiling too quickly. The main compartment of your fridge is best.

TOP TIP – dont place your mushrooms near food with a strong odour as they absorb aromas like a sponge and will cause them to spoil quicker.

Also, try to keep them in one piece without too much squishing and bruising, to minimise spoiling.


Welcome to my website.

We have just started growing gourmet mushrooms at our farm in Coxbench, Derbyshire.

This has been a year long project to learn, research and then put into action my vision.

I have started with a winter Oyster mushroom, and this weekend will be starting off some Shitake mushrooms.

I aim to eventually grow a selection of wonderful varieties of gourmet mushrooms.

I will keep you posted along the way…

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Thank you