Welcome to Derbyshire’s new gourmet mushroom farm!

We are on a mission to produce locally grown delicious gourmet mushrooms in a sustainable way

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Pleurotus djamor – Pink Oyster Mushroom

We have been growing Pink Oyster mushrooms at the farm since spring, and we love the colours and texture of these eye catching mushrooms. With 20 minutes of cooking these mushrooms take on a bacon/ham taste and are a great addition to any dish.

Caring for your Mushrooms

Many people ask me how they are best to store their mushrooms. To prolong the freshness of your mushrooms, I would suggest storing them in a paper bag. This allows the bag to absorb any excess moisture and stop them from going mouldy. Be sure not to store your mushrooms in places that are tooContinue reading “Caring for your Mushrooms”

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